Big changes are coming to a few departments at Morehead State University.

The nursing, kinesiology and imaging science programs received $3 million in federal funding, which is being used to upgrade their equipment.  

“We tried going through different programs for about two or three years and kept getting turned down,” said Jay Morgan, MSU's president. Finally, I just went straight to Congressman Hal Rogers and about seven months later he called back and said we got it.”  

Morgan said that Rogers has always cared about the university and has helped get them what they need to be a great school.  

“I got a call from President Morgan around two in the afternoon one day and he said to have a list of the departments needs by the end of the day,” said Wayne Miller, the dean of the college of science. “I got together with the heads of the departments and figured out who needed what and what was the most important.”  

According to Miller, around 60% of the funds will be going towards the nursing program and the other 40% will be split up between the imaging science and kinesiology programs.  

Some of the equipment in the nursing program, including the training robots, is over 10 years old, which makes it very outdated compared to what’s currently in hospitals. The new tools will equip students with the best experience and prepare them to work in hospitals after graduation and get straight to helping people.  

“I’m really excited for the department to be getting new training robots,” said Bethany Lowery, the patient care lab coordinator of the nursing department. “I think we’ve had these since about 2010.”  

The kinesiology department will be getting new EKG and treadmill testing equipment, which is currently about 15 to 20 years old. Miller explained, however, that the majority of the imaging science equipment is up to date enough for now but will likely be receiving an update in the next few years.