• February 19, 2020

O'Quinn: Elected officials should free Kim Davis or join her in jail - The Trail Blazer: Opinion

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O'Quinn: Elected officials should free Kim Davis or join her in jail

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Posted: Monday, September 7, 2015 9:05 pm

Daniel C. O'Quinn and Daniel A. O'Quinn wrote this letter in an email and sent it to the following public officials. It was also sent to The Trail Blazer and published as a letter to the editor.

To: Gov. Steve Beshear, Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen, Judge Walter Blevins, Mayor Jim Tom Trent, Mayor David Bolt, and Honorable Council Members of Rowan County,

I heard about the jailing of a Rowan County and Kentucky State Officer: Kim Davis. There are no words to express my pissed-off nature against the jailing of one of our fellow citizens. I believe that y‘all should have taken her place.

I hope that you are not the type of men that think leadership is just about bringing jobs to town or keeping people safe from bad guys or maybe even worse – not getting involved in personal disputes between citizens and a government gone rogue while “We the people” pay for your salaries. Because if you are, I’m wasting my time addressing y‘all with this email.

I expect y’all to tell the Federal Government that you will free Kim Davis today and substitute yourselves on her behalf. Doing time behind bars for defense of the Constitution is a small price to pay as elected officials of Rowan County and the Great State of Kentucky. This act will definitely go a long way to show other men in Public office around the country that we won’t incarcerate fellow citizens for having convictions of any kind: abortion activist, gay rights activist, anti-gun activist, hell even the communist party and the KKK.

Whether we like their convictions or not is not the issue. They are fellow citizens and have right to free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution and so does Kim Davis: a Christian activist… off and on the job even if it is not politically deemed correct. I’m embarrassed by how you have handled the situation.

The US Supreme Court has shown their true colors: indeed an oligarchy mob rule kangaroo court… like the one that crucified Christ for those of you who profess to be Christians. However, according to our Constitution they are the last in governmental authority. Constitutional authority 101: 1st) We the People, 2nd) Legislative, 3rd) Executive, 4th) last and least Judicial.

Therefore, you must keep in check the powers that exceed their Constitutional authority; furthermore, the Constitution demands it. Y’all should tell the Supreme Court, “Hell No… we won’t incarcerate Kim Davis”… we elected officials represent the Constitution and the great people of Kentucky, not the Judges, especially non-elected and non-Kentuckian Supreme Court Judges.

Y’all are bound by oath and duty to do the right thing. You cannot allow her to spend one more night in jail, while you guys go home to the comfort of your loved ones. I don’t care if she’s a Muslim, Atheist, Christian, but I know, that I know, that she’s a red blooded American. This woman packs a pair of humongous political balls…even bigger than Trump’s… maybe it’s time that we all do… follow her lead and courage, and let her out of jail.

Believe me it’s the right thing to do. And if they won’t let you, cuff yourselves to her jail side.

As Thomas Jefferson quipped: don’t fear the ruling of the Judges, the Legislators, Governors or even the President, they could be wrong; however, our Constitution is not… it just is… it tells you and me that our rights come from our Creator.

No man, or groups of men, has a right to infringe upon them in any way, especially when done so by non-constitutionally aligned gag-laws. This means that only Kim Davis can define what her convictions are and has the full backing of The bill-of-rights and cannot be fired for making a stand for her convictions… after all, Judges do it all the time. This is what makes us uniquely a Republican form of Government - not a Democracy… which means the buck stops with y’all… the Elected representatives of Kim Davis must come to her aid in repelling those infringements.

 You wanted the job as Governor, Lt. Gov., Judge and Mayor and now you got it… it rests on y’all to defend the Constitution and stop dillydallying about. As officers of the US & State Constitutions, you are obligated to do the right thing: stand firmly with Kim Davis. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she would stand by your side if she was your Governor, Lt. Gov.,

Judge or humble Mayor. As Johnny Paycheck sang, “Take this job and Shove it” doesn’t apply to one’s conviction.

 The time has come to show, before we lose it all, that the price to pay to uphold the Constitution is very dear indeed…and it ain’t gonna happen with mere words alone.

 Help Kim Davis now! Who knows… the next one to be imprisoned falsely for speaking their mind at work, school, or play might be you, Governor Beshear, or Lt. Gov. Luallen, or you Judge Blevins, or Mayor Trent, Mayor Bolt, or maybe me or one of our neighbors like Kim Davis.

You boil a frog one degree at a time. I urge y’all to defend the last few convictions we have left, in our once upon a time “Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE.” If you need us by your side… call and we too will stand with y’all.

Respectfully Standing by Kim Davis (an American patriot),

Daniel C. O’Quinn & Daniel A. O’Quinn - Father & Son (two fellow canaries in the coal mine)

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