When you're a student living on campus, you at least want your home away from home to feel comfortable after a long day of classes. Especially if you're paying thousands of dollars per semester to do so.

However, due to current heating and cooling policies, that is not the case for many students.

Beginning in the fall semester, the Energy Conservation Manager and the Facilities Management monitor long-range weather forecasts. Based on that information, Facilities Management will then begin to change HVAC systems from cooling to heating mode in all buildings and vice versa for the warmer spring months.

In other words: To conserve energy (and save the university money), students are only ever awarded one air setting for up to six months at a time.

While I don't think going green can ever be a bad thing, this policy sounds much better on paper. This viewpoint is shared by an unnamed student who says only having access to heat this semester has made her suite almost unbearingly uncomfortable.

"I live on the top floor of Nunn Hall. So in the winter when everyone turns on their heat, the heat rises and it makes my suite extremely hot. The nonstop heat makes it harder to sleep, and even harder to wake up for an 8 a.m. class. If we could control the temperature in our own dorm this wouldn't be a problem."

With the amount of money students are paying to occupy residents halls, students should at least be granted the liberty of being able to decide if they want the place they call home to be hot or cold.