Morehead State football’s conference, the Pioneer Football League (PFL), cancelled all games for the fall, according to the league’s president. The announcement was made August 7.

MSU’s Trent Johnson, an offensive back, along with other members of the team, called the cancelled shocking and upsetting.

“I was very devastated,” said Johnson.  “I’ve been playing football since the third grade and I’ve never missed a season. It just sucks, because now we can’t show people what we can do.”

Since the pandemic, the players are still required to stay in shape and practice and they have normal schedules that keep them in assigned groups.

“Due to the Coronavirus, we are split up into different pods, meaning we have to work out, train, and practice with our pod members,” said Johnson.

The team has split into 12 pods, and they workout and train or condition on different days. Pod numbers 1-6 workout Monday’s and Wednesday’s whereas pods 7-12 workout on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

“I’m using my free time to exercise, do homework and rewrite my lecture notes,” said Johnson.

With sports postponed and canceled for the fall 2020 season, student-athletes are finding ways to fill up their free time while also staying in shape so they can be prepared if sports were to start back up again.

Johnson hopes for a change so he can play this season, but like the rest of the student-athletes, patience is key.

“I just want people to wear their masks and be safe so that we can make this potential football season happen in the spring,” said Johnson.