Commuter Parking

Students with overflow parking passes at Morehead State have expressed unhappiness at the danger of parking across a highway.

Parking isn’t an uncommon complaint at MSU, and overflow parking has been an issue for years. Crossing the US 60 Bypass can be dangerous at times from traffic and the walking distance from campus.

Sophomore Jordan Mauk suggested that something needed to be done to fix the overflow problem.

“Overflow is crazy. I almost got hit by an ambulance one day crossing,” she said. “Maybe make a bridge over the highway for the pedestrians.”

Mauk is not the only student who has come across dangerous traffic on US 60. Standing by the crosswalk on any day, you could see for yourself that many drivers don’t stop for pedestrians crossing.

All students should have a safe way to get to class, and overflow parking is not providing that. For students who do not have money to buy a student pass or commuters who must park anyway, overflow is the only place to go, and building a bridge would be worth the money to keep students safe.