Main Street

Main street has little traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic on March 23, 2020 in Morehead, KY. Photo by Brianna Robinson.

A Facebook post on Harry Clark's Judge-Executive page said the following:

We have been informed that a Rowan County resident has tested positive for COVID-19.

We knew that this would happen at some point and were prepared for it. The patient is following all necessary isolation guidelines at home. We will not provide additional details publicly regarding the identity of this person out of respect for them and the abidance of medical privacy law. The Kentucky Department of Public Health has began their investigation to determine whom the individual has come into contact with, where they have been, where they work, etc. Rest assured that those who have been determined to have had close contact with this individual during the incubation period will be notified and contacted by the necessary healthcare authority in order to monitor their symptoms or lack thereof. They will then be asked to self quarantine for a fourteen day period.

In the meantime, continue to follow the guidance put forth and understand when to seek care: 

• Call the Kentucky COVID-19 Hotline at 1-800-722-5725 if you are nervous or may be experiencing symptoms. 

• If you are ill, but wouldn’t have gone to seek care otherwise (like a normal flu or cold), do not immediately seek in-person care at an ER, hospital, or doctor’s office. Call your family doctor or local healthcare provider to see if the symptoms warrant a visit.

• If you are sick and may be experiencing a medical emergency, call your doctor or seek care immediately. Call ahead to your clinic or hospital and inform them of your symptoms in advance so that they may be adequately prepared. 

You will find comfort in the fact that our emergency medical services and healthcare professionals have been preparing for this moment around the clock. We have some of the most professional and highly trained individuals in the Commonwealth, and they are well prepared and well equipped to care for you in your time of need. They will always be there when you call.

Now we ask that you please help to care for them by doubling down on YOUR efforts to combat this virus. It’s here, and it’s been here. In these next few weeks we will see a surge sweep across the Commonwealth and across the nation, brining more cases and more hurt with it. We will see more cases in Rowan County as this goes on. But we know for a fact that the better we all do at social distancing, the less of an impact that our community will feel.