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Beshear declares victory in race for governor

Staff | Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 10:29 pm

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear declared victory over incumbent Republican Matt Bevin Tuesday for governor, in a race that brought the president and vice president into the state for the last couple days of the campaign. 

Unofficial results had the margin at less than 5,000 votes.

“I haven’t had an opportunity, yet, but my expectation is that he (Bevin) will honor the election that was held tonight ,” the apparent governor-elect said in his victory speech. “That he will help us make this transition.”

“To our educators, let me say this was your victory.”

But, Bevin said he wasn’t officially conceding the race during his speech, given at the same time. As of 10:15, the Associated Press said the race was too close to call. Bevin called out irregularities, but didn’t specify. 

Bevin won the Republican 2015 gubernatorial primary by only 83 votes. 

The governor’s race was highlighted by Bevin’s budget cuts for primary and higher education, and his abrasive style, such as making negative comments about teachers.

Beshear spent a lot of time touring the state by bus with the full-slate of state candidates, joined in the eastern region by the popular Kentucky House Minority Leader, and Morehead resident, Rocky Adkins.

Beshear won Rowan County 4,045 to 2,744.

“I told Andy that in order to win, rural Kentucky had to have a seat at the table,” said Adkins, who lost to Beshear in May’s Democratic primary.

It was the four urban areas of Kentucky that bolstered Beshear’s vote count in the end. He won Jefferson County, Fayette County, northern Kentucky and Warren County with enough of a margin to hold off the rural areas that favored Bevin.

Beshear was the only Democrat to win in the six state-wide races.

In unofficial results, for the down-ballot state races:

--Republican Daniel Cameron beat Greg Stumbo for attorney general

--Michael Adams beat former Miss America Heather French Henry for secretary of state.

--Alison Ball beat Michael Bowman for state treasurer.

--Mike Harmon beat Sheri Donahue for auditor.

--GOP incumbent Ryan Quarles beat Democrat Robert Haley Conway and independent Josh Gilpin for agricultural commissioner.

In a local vote to dissolve the city of Inez, the county seat for Martin County, voters overwhelmingly voted to keep the town incorporated.