Rowan voters showed up to the polls in record numbers Tuesday. Election officials said they expected the final count to show more than 42% voter turnout, a record for the county in midterm elections. 

On Tuesday, voters in Rowan County voted to reject Amendments 1 and 2 at the polls. Amendment 1 had 3,768 no votes to 2,776 yes votes. The count was similar for Amendment 2, with Rowan voting no 4,100 votes to 3,028.

Meanwhile, in the vote for United States Senator, Republican Incumbent Rand Paul beat Democratic nominee Charles Booker, 4,325 to 3,180 in Rowan.

In the 5th Congressional District for the US House, Incumbent Republican Harold “Hal” Rogers beat Democratic Nominee Conor Halbleib, 4,881 to 2,454.

In the State Representative race, Incumbent Republican Richard White beat Democratic Nominee Kevin Anderson, 4,070 to 3,420.

Democratic Incumbent Carmen Swim was the only individual running for the Rowan County Property Valuation Administrator. She received 5,291 votes.

Democratic Incumbent Harry Clark received 5,348 votes in the County Judge Executive Race. No votes were reported for write-in candidates.

In the Rowan County Attorney’s Race, Cecil Watkins, the Democratic Incumbent, received 4,363 votes. Independent challenger Paul Cox received 2,393 votes.

In the County Clerk race, Incumbent Democrat Elwood Caudill, Jr. received 4,213 votes while Republican challenger Kristi Bailey received 3,270 votes.

In the race for Rowan County Sheriff, Incumbent Democrat Matt Sparks received 3,919 votes while Republican Challenger Donnie Hall had 3,581.

Wes Coldiron was the only individual to run for Jailer, receiving 5,537 votes.

Coroner John Northcutt, 1st District Magistrate Ray White, and Constable Scottie Juniper all ran unopposed, receiving 5,851, 1,312, and 1,094 votes respectively.

In the 2nd Magisterial District, Incumbent Democrat Darrell Glover received 1,626 votes while Republican Shaun Pope had 853 votes.

Constable Harry Steel Jr. ran unopposed with 1,583 votes

In Magisterial District 3, Democratic Incumbent Charlie Winkleman had 1,061 votes while Republican Brian Polley had 591.

In District 4, Democratic Incumbent Robb Hamm had 819 votes while the Republican Challenger Brian Plank had 632.

Constable Larry Joe Stevens was unopposed with 966 votes.

On the Judicial ballot, Sara Combs ran unopposed for the 7th Appellate District 1st Division with 4,156 votes,

Larry Thompson was also unopposed in the 2nd Division with 4,001 votes.

William Lane had 4,263 votes in his unopposed race in the 21st Judicial Circuit 1st Division.

Incumbent David Barber received 3,323 votes in the 2nd Division of the 21st Judicial Circuit while Elizabeth Davis had 2,835 votes.

William Roberts ran unopposed in the 21st Judicial District 2nd Division with 4,464 votes. Likewise, in the 2nd Division, Don Blair was unopposed with 4,491 votes.

On the nonpartisan ballot for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, Anthony Anderson had 4,135 votes while Lloyd Hughes had 2,359.

In the 1st Educational District for the Rowan County Board of Education, Jeffery Patrick ran unopposed with 603 votes,

Scott Davison received 600 votes in the 5th Educational District, also running unopposed.

In the vote for Mayor of Morehead, Incumbent Laura White Brown received 641 votes while Challenger Michael Kash had 589.

Six individuals were chosen for seats on the Morehead City Council. Yvonne Baldwin, Jim Tom Trent, Beth Ousley, Janet Bishop, David Perkins, and Edna Shack received the top votes in Tuesday’s race.

In the City of Lakeview Heights, Donal Lamb won the race for mayor with 79 votes to James Hood’s 70

For City Commissioners in Lakeview Heights, Mark Blankebuehler received 101 votes, James Fluty had 108, Sam Mason 79, and Timothy Miller 92.