The Bell Tower at Morehead State

Amidst talk of performance based funding and cuts to education from Gov. Matt Bevin, Morehead State University is set to lose $13.5 million over the next four years for a different reason.

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission grants U.S. scholarships to Saudi Arabian students who want to complete their education in the States. The Office of International Student Services estimates that 150 Saudi Arabian students are currently enrolled at MSU, and the SACM classifies this as oversaturated and as such will not offer scholarships to students wishing to attend MSU.

Oversaturation is what’s costing MSU $13.5 million.

According to the SACM website, “A school is marked in the SACM list as oversaturated when the number of Saudi Arabian students enrolled in that school exceeds the limits set by SACM for that school. 

I ask, why did MSU exceed these set limits, and if they didn’t know the limits then why did they not find out?

Carelessness by the administration at MSU, combined with budget cuts from the state, will result in nothing but bad news for students. Tuition will almost certainly increase and whole programs might even be cut. 

"There will be more incentives to electrical engineers than French literature majors,” said Bevin, early last year.

With this in mind the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences might be facing some tough times in the coming years, both as a result of the lack of money from the SACM, and the wish of Bevin who ironically has a bachelors of art degree in East Asian Studies.

The best way to combat a potential cut to a specific department is to give it a voice. If you are worried about your future at MSU, then talk about it. Discuss these worries with your fellow students, with faculty, and most importantly with the administration at MSU.