A small blessing for those less fortunate

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Scioto County, Ohio  Multiple organizations have been building Blessing Boxes around Scioto County, Ohio.

Blessing Boxes have been built around the county to help those who are in need with nonperishable foods, wipes, hand sanitizer, clothes, blankets and other essential products.

Blessing Box

Blessing box by old Portsmouth gym April 23, 2020 in Portsmouth, Ohio. Photo by Darian Gillette

“What started out as handling our care packs turned into putting the blessing box in Tracey Park,” said Justin Delong, founder and pastor of the Portsmouth Welcoming Community.

The idea had come from Elder Wayne Allen who asked for it to be built in Tracey Park due to the high population in people.

Allen had passed away shortly after the box was built and placed in Tracey Park. The blessing box has since been dedicated in memory of him.

“I think it has impacted the community,” said Delong. “It is common for the homeless community to gather in the park and we are starting to see people from the community placing items in it as well.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Delong believes more people have been donating items to the boxes, causing more people to take items from them.

Blessing Box

Blessing box in Tracey Park April 23, 2020 in Portsmouth, Ohio. Photo by Darian Gillette

“It may not change their living situation, but it provides a meal and needed items to help them get through another day,” said Delong

There is a total of ten boxes throughout Scioto county, and for some the boxes could be the only meal they have for that day.

“It is a way we can help those who are most vulnerable in our community,” said Delong. “It can be a blessing to those who may go the whole day without food and other necessary items.”