Live performing has returned to Morehead State University with The Little Company’s presentation of “Mosquitoes.”

The play, directed by Little Company director Octavia Biggs, opened Thursday as the first face-to-face, live production since COVID-19 restrictions were put into place last year and Biggs couldn’t be happier.

 “The performance is so much more real when there’s an audience there,” said John Duncan, a junior. “And, it’s good for the community and it’s good for us, too.”

The play, written by Lucy Kirkwood, is about two sisters are opposites, with one working as a physicist at the CERN Supercollider and the other getting through life relying on Google and her gut feelings. The story turns metaphorical with the placement of the collider, built to find particles.

“How do we capture that particle and the relationship of that idea of the collider also is humanistic collision and family units kind of colliding together,” said Biggs. 

With a previous performance of Treasure Island at the Rec Center’s ropes course, Biggs is both excited and emotional for her students because for some, it’s their first live performance. 

“It makes me emotional just thinking about it,” said Biggs, The Little Company’s director of Mosquitos. “It’s a reminder as to why I love what I do.”

Audience members still have to wear masks and Biggs made a couple changes to some of the play’s scenes to accommodate the mask mandate. 

“There’s a vomiting scene in the show and I had to delete that because I couldn’t have somebody take their mask off to vomit and then have to clean up,” said Biggs. “I couldn’t do that.”

Biggs and the cast are excited for everyone to come out, see and enjoy a play outside of the social media universe.

“I want to challenge the audience,” said Biggs. “Since COVID we are living in a Tik Tok world where people watch 10-15 second videos and that’s their entertainment. I’m asking them to sit in a theater for two-and-half hours and watch one story.”

For More information go to Morehead State University :: MSU Theatre presents ‘Mosquitoes’ as first in-person performance of the season Tickets for the general public are $11, while seniors pay $6 and the show is free for everyone with a Morehead State ID’s.