Weaver's Market

Weaver’s Market Monday, April 27, 2020 in Grayson, Ky. Photo by Daneyl Tackett.

Grayson –Weaver’s Market continues to grow a customer base while families search for products they can’t find in major chains.

Weaver’s Market in Grayson hasn’t seen a decline in customers since Kentucky’s stay-at-home order was put into effect. Since the market is locally owned and sources most of their products from both local families and one distributor in Pennsylvania, their products have not been as hard to obtain as others at major chains aside from minor substitutions.

“It’s actually helped our business,” Said Linford Weaver, the owner of Weaver’s Market. “What happens is people are going into local stores and not finding things, and so they come here and check for it, and so we have good customer flow, not quite normal but they’re looking for things here they can’t find elsewhere. Also, we have a lot of senior citizens in here trying to do as much as they can to avoid crowds.”

Weaver’s Market differs slightly from surrounding stores in that their lifestyle as Mennonites causes their popularity among the community to be spread through word of mouth as opposed to internet ads and social media. Their lessened exposure to news and social media also lightens the stress they face during the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping the calm atmosphere in their store.

“Our mission is to, I say, maybe go back 50 years and give some old fashioned, quality food,” said Weaver. “We’re a bit of a specialty shop in deli, bakery and baking items.”

The store has been open for seven years and continues to sell different lines of products, like meats, breads, jellies, jams and candy. With or without hardship, Weaver said they strive to be remembered as good people.

“The main thing we want to be known by is honest people who are being fair, so we really push that if anyone gets something they don’t like or has a quality issue, we want to know. We want to get it right,” he said.