Morehead State's updated parking map

Image provided by Morehead State 

As construction and upgrades continue on Morehead State's campus, students can expect delays and detours in their daily routines.

In a report released by MSU, with an attempt to “improve” and “simplify” parking, there has been updated parking options.

The notable changes are as follows:

  • University Boulevard - All reserved (numbered) spaces along University Boulevard will only be enforced Monday – Friday from 5:00am – 5:00pm.  Previously, spaces from Main Street to Vaughn Drive were enforced 24/7.
  • Cartmell Hall Lot – One row of 24/7 reserved spaces has been added along the fence and the grassy area by Vaughn Drive.  These spaces are designated with “R2” painted in each space.
  • CHER Lot – Previously, this lot was only reserved parking.  This lot has been changed to include C (commuter) parking in the non-numbered section.  Reserved spaces are still in effect and designated by numbers in the space.
  • East Parking Complex and Dining Commons – is now available and all spaces inside designated as S (student) parking.
  • Henry Ward Place (located behind Camden-Carroll Library) – Previously All Zones, this lot has now been converted to S (student) parking.

Reserved spaces are still available. If students wish to purchase or upgrade to a reserved spot, they should contact the MSU Traffic Office at (606) 783- 2220.