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After nearly 15 months of lockdowns and distancing, Morehead State University today announced plans to lift COVID-19 restrictions for the upcoming Fall semester. 

The Office of the President sent out an email Friday, said part the post-COVID environment will begin today. 

“Our university has been Eagle Strong during this past year, and we are glad the point has come this week when we can lift the restrictions and return to normal,” said President Jay Morgan in the email. “Thanks to everyone for your teamwork – brighter skies are here!” 

The announcement comes shortly after restrictions placed during the height of the pandemic began being lifted by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and Kentucky health authorities.

As of today, MSU will no longer require face masks indoors or outdoors. Social distancing is also no longer be required. 

Social distancing signage and features around campus will be removed shortly, while hand sanitization stations will remain in place, but unvaccinated individuals are advised to remain cautious around others. 

Individuals may also voluntarily wear face masks to accommodate personal health needs. 

Occupancy levels at the Recreation and Wellness Center will return to normal immediately, and the process for returning to normal campus classrooms, dining, and study are underway.

MSU will continue using picnic tables across campus to promote outdoor sitting options.

Fall semester classes will return to a normal number of in-person classes with a variety of online and hybrid classes remaining available for students who wish to take them. 

Academic areas will also work to keep in-person classes small to maintain student success. 

All athletic events, performing arts, intramural sports and other campus activities will resume, along with affiliated and registered student clubs and organizations.

MSU advises that individuals remain at home if they don’t feel well, consult with their medical provider and consider receiving a COVID vaccination before returning to campus for the fall.