Matt Bevin

Governor Matt Bevin recently discussed the legalization of recreational marijuana on WHAS radio. As expected, Bevin said that as long he is in charge, he will not allow it. Bevin cited overdoses in Colorado as his reasoning.

Look at the statement, “overdoses in Colorado.” Where does Bevin see this happening? There have been no deaths in the United States attributed to an overdose of marijuana. That comes straight from the United States Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA released a resource guide titled “Drugs of Abuse,” and within this guide there are a few pages dedicated to marijuana. Within these pages there is a subheading, “What are its overdose effects?” The subheading is followed by one sentence, “No deaths from overdose of marijuana have been reported.”

With the federal government acknowledging that there have been no cases of marijuana overdose, where does Bevin get this false information? Putting aside political views on marijuana, how can Bevin clearly and confidently lie to the people he was elected to serve?

This seems to be a common motif for politicians. A massive amount of fact checking is necessary. It seems everyday there is a report about either President Trump or Governor Bevin caught in a lie. I say it's high time that we hold politicians accountable for their words and show them that a liar doesn’t only get their pants caught on fire: they also don’t get re-elected.