The First Baptist Church hosted the fifty-ninth Annual Choral Festival Monday night.

High school singers from different schools attended the festival to hear the Morehead State choirs perform. The Festival featured MSU’s Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Vocal Ensemble and Black Gospel Ensemble.

The featured groups were all conducted and directed by Dr. Greg Detweiler and Dr. Roosevelt Escalante, Jr.

Escalante, the director of the Jazz Vocal Ensemble and the Black Gospel Ensemble, has been a music education professor for eleven years, and hopes to touch students through music.

“My favorite thing about teaching music has to be seeing the lights turn on for students,” said Escalante. “Being able to get the knowledge and apply knowledge. That’s the joy to see them turn from student to young professional.”

Detweiler, the director of the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, has also touched many of his students through his teachings, and he hopes he will be able to help more people find a love for music in the future.

The audience was lively during the performances and clapped and sang along many times throughout the show. The members of the choral groups expressed their hopes for inspiring future students.

“I love music,” said MSU student Matthew Blevins, member of the Jazz Vocal Ensemble and the Black Gospel Ensemble. “It’s my way out of my head and a way to release my emotions. It’s my passion.”

The festival was sponsored by Stanton’s Sheet Music Compony in Columbus, Ohio.