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Some Morehead State students will have the option to complete the spring semester classes on a pass/fail grading system.

The grading system will be available in courses where the accreditation or regulation agency does not require a letter grade. Students will be able to request this option for each course where it is available.

“Not all courses will end up being available for the pass/fail option. That’s going to depend on program requirements with respect to accreditation, licensures and so on,” said Dr. Albert.

Undergraduate students who opt for pass/fail will receive a passing grade for an A, B, C or D and graduate students will receive a passing grade for an A, B or C.

Unlike regular classes, a pass/fail grade does not count toward a student’s GPA. A passed class will appear on a transcript as a K, while a failed class will appear as an N. Students must still reach GPA requirements for their academic programs and scholarships.

“In some cases, it’s going to be more advantageous for the students to stay with the letter grade,” said Dr. Albert.

More information on what courses are available for the grading system and how to request a change to pass/fail will be sent to students by email at a later date