Lexi Stone

Photo submitted by Lexi Stone

Olive Hill - High school students like Lexi Stone have experienced a senior year like no other.

As class president at West Carter High School, Stone is missing out on regular events with her class as well as honors like presenting the closing prayer at graduation, taking away the closure that comes with the end of her senior year.

“We have missed things like our senior trip, our senior breakfast, our last prom, our graduation, our senior awards night and senior nights, but more than just those events, we have missed the goodbyes with our classmates, teachers and staff,” said Stone.

Restrictions due to COVID-19 prevented the school from holding an in-person graduation, but even though her class has not been able to live normally through the end of their year, she said there are positive outcomes from having an unexpected ending.

“It has taught me to really live in the moments instead of for moments. We really take time for granted and feel like we are entitled to certain things, but we aren’t,” said Stone. “It’s hard to hear that all your hard work and memories aren’t going to be displayed in the ordinary way, however no one promised us it would be, because no one can.”

Like other seniors across the country, she never expected her year to end this way, and felt that it took away a rite of passage that every high school senior goes through.

“It’s something that whether you want to admit it or not, we all look forward to from the first time we hear about it,” she said. “Especially now that we have missed out on so much with our class, graduation was the one thing we were all clinging to for its normality and the experience.”

Regardless of the rocky ending of her senior year, Stone plans to start at Murray State in their honors college to major in exercise science for a career in pediatric physical therapy.