Defining the word ‘Gender’ is taking place visually at the Claypool-Young art gallery.

A juried art exhibit with pieces from across the United States, and from as far away as Ireland, are challenging how people see and interpret gender. The exhibit was juried by Ashley Cathey who is a curator and studies multidisciplinary social change. 

“This entire exhibit is about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin,” said Brianna Carrol, an art major. “Like these three behind you all give off the feeling ‘I’m uncomfortable where I’m sitting. I’m uncomfortable with my own body,’”

“So, the thing is just finding your own path, like what you wanna do, who you wanna love, what you wanna identify as,” she said.

“We thought there was some really neat artwork in here,” said Susan Hawkins, an instructor of art education in the Department of Art and Design. “A lot of really intriguing things that make you look really closely at the detail.”

One particular piece stood out to some attendees: “Loop/Loup” by Nicole Foran.

“The closer up you look it’s just shapes and the further away you go, there’s actually a figure in there,” said “I think it’s definitely necessary that we touch base on things like this here at the university.”

The dean of Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences came out to view the event as well. 

“I like the ways in which the pieces force us to think about sex and gender identity,” said Dr. Scott Davidson. “Sometimes art has a way of getting us to think about things differently that no other kind of approach can work. I think it’s really helpful that we have this resource here. 

The exhibit runs through November 17.