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play Eagle Fest 2018

Eagle Fest 2018


Video by Gabe Osborne

play Spring at Cave Run Lake

Spring at Cave Run Lake


Spring has arrived in Kentucky. Shot at Cave Run Lake on May 1, 2018. Made by Adeline Hogan. 

play Quarter for the Kids

Quarter for the Kids


play MSU Jazz Ensemble

MSU Jazz Ensemble


play MSU Drag Show 2018

MSU Drag Show 2018


play Byrd Law

Byrd Law


play MSU junior hunts for the perfect collection

MSU junior hunts for the perfect collection


Tildon Johnson has been collecting records since he was 17, and it has turned into one of his greatest passions.

play Razing the Waste

Razing the Waste


Six buildings were torn down over the holiday, altering Morehead State’s landscape.

play Kalei Hutchinson

Kalei Hutchinson


Kalei Hutchinson has been doing art since she was a child, and hopes to pass her love for the medium onto the next generation of artists.

play Follies Dance Competition 2017

Follies Dance Competition 2017


Chi Omega hosted its 38th annual Follies event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

play Enigma Dance Contest Preview

Enigma Dance Contest Preview


Morehead State dancers put in hours of rehearsal for the upcoming Enigma Dance Concert.

play The Pirates of Penzance

The Pirates of Penzance


Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous operetta full of pirates and romance made an appearance in Duncan Recital Hall.

play Byrd Law

Byrd Law


Byrd Law is a jazz quartet consisting of MSU students.

play Student Spotlight: Stephanie McNeill

Student Spotlight: Stephanie McNeill


Ever since she was in Kindergarten, McNeill knew that she wanted to become an artist. Thirteen years later, she chose Morehead State to continue her endeavor and develop more artistic skills than ever before.

play MSPR Audio Visions

MSPR Audio Visions


Co-hosts Arlo Barnette and Jacob Lindberg host MSPR's new show, Audio Visions. Tune in on Thursdays from 8 until 10 p.m. It showcases a lively mix of college-based music styles.

play Are Gen Eds a Good Idea?

Are Gen Eds a Good Idea?


The Trail Blazer heard varying opinions on the concept of general education. Video by Dylan Kouns.

play CutUps Art Exhibition

CutUps Art Exhibition


play Animated Interviews: Raymond McLain Part 3

Animated Interviews: Raymond McLain Part 3


Raymond McLain spoke with the Trail Blazer about working with Johnny Cash in 1983 when filming a Christmas special

play Morehead State Women's Basketball Preview

Morehead State Women's Basketball Preview


Take a peek at the MSU women's basketball team as they prepare for their upcoming season. Video by Xavier Adkins.

play Animated Interviews: Raymond McLain Part 2

Animated Interviews: Raymond McLain Part 2


Raymond McLain briefly spoke to the Trail Blazer about the beginning of his career with the McLain Family Band.

play Student Spotlight: Nicole Johnson

Student Spotlight: Nicole Johnson


The Trail Blazer visited Nicole Johnson and her emotional support animal, Lucy.

play Morehead State Gaming

Morehead State Gaming


play Morehead State Basketball Preview

Morehead State Basketball Preview


MSU Basketball is getting ready for their season. Video by Xavier Adkins.

play Animated Interview: Raymond McLain

Animated Interview: Raymond McLain


The Trail Blazer spoke with KCTM Director and bluegrass legend Raymond McLain. McLain talks about why he believes he was meant to teach. Video and animation by Casey Stroud. Music by Jacob Lindberg.

play Browning Orchard Festival

Browning Orchard Festival


Morehead State University held its sixth annual Browning Orchard Festival on Sunday, Oct 1, 2017. The University was able to hold these festivals after the Browning family gifted the orchard to MSU six years ago. The festival was started in 1926.

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