• July 21, 2019

Student Government Association holds debate - The Trail Blazer: Media

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Student Government Association holds debate

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Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2019 11:45 am

Student government candidates held a debate to show students their plans for Morehead State’s future. 

The candidates spoke on topics including student togetherness, alcohol tolerance on campus and new events for students, awell as their expectations of themselves when in office. 

“Vote. Make an educated decision, not on popularity, not on who you know, not on who gave you a piece of candy but on the principles and on the basis of what they’re running on,” said SGA president Brandon Bryer. 

Many candidates, including vice presidential candidate CJ Hawkins and presidential candidate Shelby Alger spoke on the topic of alcohol acceptance on campus.  

“I want to take that to the next level and hopefully get a dorm on campus that’s strictly 21 and up for residents to have alcohol served in the dorms,” said Alger. 

The topic of student togetherness was also popular among candidates, including vice presidential candidate Abby Staab who spoke on the possibilities of concerts and dance marathons to encourage students to stay on campus. 

Current vice president and presidential candidate Nick Anderson said broken promises no longer have a place in the SGA, and that the next president should be someone who does not delegate their duties. 

“I am not the mouthpiece of Dr. Morgan. I am my own, individual mind,” said Anderson. 

Dr. Morgan said he hopes the student government members that will be elected will be able to communicate like they have the past two years. 

“I think in my almost two years here, student government has been wonderful to work with,” said Morgan.  

Voting takes place April 8 and 9 through student email. 

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