• October 16, 2019

Track and field runners set MSU record - The Trail Blazer: Media

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Track and field runners set MSU record

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Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2019 12:00 pm

For many people, running isn’t the ideal pass time, but for DaKorria Winstead and Maya Andrews it’s a lifestyle. 

Winstead and Andrews simultaneously set Morehead State’s record for the 60-meter dash in women’s track and field at the first meet of 2019 with a time of 8:08The record had stood at 8:22 since the 1960s.  

Winstead, a national cheer champion and psychology major, said track and field is more than a sport to her. She believes running has more effects on her mental state than physical. 

“I love running. I think it honestly benefits you mentally,” Winstead said. “You have to be mentally strong in order to run and if you’re not, you’re broken.”  

Andrews, a junior nursing major, agreed that track and field is about being mentally strong.  

“It’s saying ‘I’m tired, I’m sore, but I can do this,’” she said.  

The assistant coach of women’s track and field Stacy Latnie said breaking the record was Winstead’s first meet in 601 days and Andrews’ personal best.  

“Both young ladies ran really well. I’m proud of both of them,” he said. “I do believe both young ladies have a lot of room to grow and these upcoming weekends will be very interesting.” 

Winstead’s athletic career began in the fifth grade with cross country and continued in both track and field and cheerleading from middle school until her graduation from Owensboro High School. After cheering for one year at Morehead State, Winstead chose to commit to track and field. 

For Andrews, her career began in the fourth grade and continued into college inspired by her determination to succeed. 

“I like when I achieve something and get that runner’s high, so I think I wanted to be successful in college and kind of translate that to a self-reassurance thing,” Andrews said. 

Breaking the record alone was a big accomplishment for both Winstead and Andrews, but the shared interest in this lifestyle made it all the more gratifying. 

“When I broke itwe hugged each other and it was like an aw moment for a second,” Andrews said.