• September 22, 2019

Davis returns to work, same-sex couple receives license to marry - The Trail Blazer: Life & Arts

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Davis returns to work, same-sex couple receives license to marry

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Posted: Monday, September 14, 2015 9:03 am

A small crowd gathered outside the Rowan County Clerk's office Monday morning as County Clerk Kim Davis returned to work.

Davis emerged from the building and spoke to the press. She said she would continue to not issue marriage licenses, but won't interfere with her deputy clerks if they choose to issue them.

The licenses issued at the clerk's office no longer contain Davis' name or job title. However, they do have the title "notary public" under deputy clerk Brian Mason’s name. Mason has been the only clerk to issues licenses.

Kim Davis Returns to Work
Brian Mason continues to issue marriage licenses in Rowan County on September 14, 2015. John Tanner Blevins

Mason said he will probably issue "a lot more" licenses. He also said that he is grateful for the support from the community. Members of the Rowan County Rights Coalition were back at the courthouse Monday morning to support another same-sex couple seeking marriage.

"Where's our Ted Cruz, where's our Mike Huckabee?" said Mary Hargis, coalition spokeswoman. "Of course, we're not bigots, so they won't be here."

Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins arrived at the clerk’s office around 10:30 a.m. to request a marriage license after arguments continued between same-sex marriage supporters and religious freedom advocates.

Kim Davis Returns to Work
Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins embrace one another after recieving their marriage license on September 14, 2015.

“I hope that she (Davis) knows she’s not doing a service to her community,” said Carmen Wampler-Collins. “Her stand has really hurt the people that she serves."

Pastor Flip Benham of Zanesville, Ohio condemned the actions of the couple as Mason issued their marriage license. Members of the coalition replied to the pastor with chants of "love has won" inside the clerk's office.

Attorney Perry Mihet of Liberty Counsel said that Davis is the "bravest woman in the country" and that Liberty Counsel is seeking additional lawsuits against Gov. Steve Beshear.

Kim Davis Returns to Work
A crowd of Kim Davis supporters continue to rally outside the Rowan County Clerk's Office despite the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses on September 14, 2015. John Tanner Blevins

"They have every right to their beliefs," said Hargis. "But when you willfully defy the law ... that is criminal action. The accommodation has been made. Her name is off the marriage license."

Ky. Attorney General Jack Conway believes the marriage licenses issued to all couples in Rowan County are valid.

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