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A safety alert was sent by the Morehead State University Police Department Wednesday, September 9, 2020 stating that a female student had been sexually assaulted in the elevator of Alumni Tower Monday night.

The alert described the suspect as a white male with a dark complexion, dark hair and approximately 5’10” wearing a black Nike hoodie and dark sweatpants.

“The investigation is kind of early on. We don’t have any reason to believe it’s not a student, but we don’t know that it is a student either, even though the age is appropriate for a student,” said Chief Merrell Harrison, with the MSU Police Department. “That doesn’t mean anything at this point.”.

Police are still investigating the alleged assault and going over camera footage from Monday night.

“We do have cameras. We’ve been looking at that footage and we haven’t found anything that helps us out in the investigation quite yet,” he said.

Cameras in Alumni Tower do not show students leaving or entering dorm rooms. Only students with ID cards giving them access to the building can enter, unless a student held the door open for them.

“He had a mask on, so she described him the best she could but with the mask on, enough to tell he had dark hair. He was pretty tall, at least 5’10” and wearing the black Nike hoodie and black sweatpants,” said Chief Harrison. “She couldn’t see the shoes because the pants were baggy so she couldn’t see what kind of shoes he had on.”

Alerts from campus police are not common but are sent out when the suspect is unknown, or an event needs to be broadcasted to the campus as a safety concern.

“We get some sexual assaults, obviously, that we investigate every year,” said Chief Harrison. “The majority of those, the victim knows the suspect, but situations like this where it’s a stranger assault or something along those lines, we have to send it out to alert the campus of the safety concerns.”