Hannah Adams

A portrait of Hannah Adams. Photo submitted by Hannah Adams

A Morehead State alum is now dedicated to helping the future generation of Appalachian youth working in media.

 Hannah Adams, a 2020 graduate in Convergent Media, has begun her career with the Appalachian Media Institute, AMI, a media training program for young adults growing up in Appalachia.

 As a peer trainer, Adams helps interns create media pieces about issues in Appalachia and has interned at the AMI each summer since her high school graduation.

 “As the lead educator, I’m the main person who teaches the interns about media. I lead a lot of the workshops. I pick what films they watch,” said Adams.

 Adams, a Letcher County native, was inspired by the Appalachian Media Institute after being told as a child that the only jobs available in Kentucky are as teachers and nurses.

 “I know from personal experience that growing up in a rural place like eastern Kentucky is really hard,” said Adams. “When I was growing up, people tried to put me in a lot of boxes and they basically told me ‘You can either be a teacher in a school setting, or you can go into nursing, into the medical field, but that’s really all the options you have here,’ so I spent a lot of my life thinking once I get older, I’m going to have to move.”

 Despite graduating amid a global pandemic, Adams is hopeful for the possibilities at the Appalachian Media Institute and believes there are positive sides to working during an uncertain time.

 “If there was ever a time to change what AMI is and try to try new things, it’s definitely now,” said Adams. “I mean we’re living in such an unconventional time right now. Now is the perfect time to become a bit experimental with the program.”