Brody Shoupe, a starting catcher for the Morehead State baseball team, has noticed adjustments amid the pandemic changing the team from previous years.

The baseball team, like many other collegiate sports, has had to alter their traditional gameplay to ensure each player’s health and safety. With the new precautions, the team must play amongst themselves for scrimmages and practices through pod systems.

“Right now, we just have to keep the same teams for our inner-squads, so we’ll have like pod one and three are on a team and pod two and four are on a team,” said Shoupe, a sports management major.

The new pod system allows only players from one pod at a time in locker rooms. Players must also remain in separate dugouts.

These changes have created difficulties with the teammates’ ability to bond.

“It did kind of make it tough like meeting all the new guys and freshmen and juke players,” said Shoupe, a junior. “That’s going to be a challenge.”

But it has also helped Shoupe create better connections with those in his pod groups.

“The guys here are awesome,” he said. “Everybody’s just kind of really bonding together especially having new guys this year, and everybody just seems to click well.”

Shoupe is confident the team will overcome these adjustments.

“Hopefully, well I think this year is going to be, we’re going to have a really good team,” said Shoupe, a Greenup County native. “We have a lot more depth this year than last year just given the coaching change. We actually have a full team and I’m extremely excited to get out there.”

After a long break from the team, Shoupe is ready to return to the field.

“It was such a long quarantine and I didn’t even get to play summer ball or anything like that. We only got 13 or 15 games in, something like that,” said Shoupe. “So, it’s really good to be back out here again.”