The Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Community Center holds a special piece of history for people like Mari Johnson. But it goes farther than that. 

The community board hosts regular fundraisers to provide for regular upkeep and programs that go back into the community, like the after-school program. 

 “This building is a part of our community’s history,” said Johnson, a member of the Haldeman-Hayes Community Center board. “Most of the people on the board went to high school here before it burnt down, and they want to see it revitalized.” 

The center was originally built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration. After a 2007 fire damaged the center that was once part of the Haldeman High School, the Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Community bought the building.  

Johnson is in charge of planning out most of the center’s events. She said the gospel sing and dinner, like the one on Saturday, August 24, is a recurring fundraiser and is a very successful one. 

She said she is working on new fundraising ideas. 

“Last year I had a Spring Festival where I invited vendors to come and sell their wares, so that’s growing,” said Johnson. “So, something else to draw people to our community.”

The community center also hosts an after-school program that provides parents with a safe place to send their kids after school

 Jeannie Justice, a Morehead State University professor, is also on the board and helps run the after-school program. She coordinates with students from the College of Education who need field experience. The main goal of the program is to provide support for the kids who need it.

“Most of the kids who come here are not being raised by their parents,” said Justice. “They just need an extra hand or an extra bit of support and this is a great way to get all generations involved.”

It is currently being rented out for events such as birthdays, weddings and family reunions and has been approved as a Red Cross emergency shelter.

To keep up to date with the Haldeman-Hayes Crossing Community Center fundraisers and events, or to rent the building, you can visit their website at