Jacob Wilde holds a sign at the Silent BLM Protest at Morehead State’s Bell Tower on Tuesday September 15, 2020 in Morehead, Ky. Photos by Taylor Johnson/ The Trail Blazer.

Students are working to make a change across Morehead State’s campus.

Students for Change, a new organization on campus, was created by MSU students to bring awareness to current issues in the world and seek justice for people’s rights to equality. The organization is overseen by campus students but is open to anyone who wants to see change in Morehead.

“It is about bringing awareness and holding people accountable to a certain standard,” said Jacob Wilde, a member of Students for Change. “It is also about bringing everyone together in the understanding of strength and unity.”

Wilde, a Bowling Green native, joined Students for Change to speak out against racism and police brutality.

“I got involved because I knew I had a voice, and it will be very selfish of me to just sit back and let people who didn’t have the same voice with the same power suffer or go through things at the hands of people with power,” said Wilde, a sports management major.

Finn Haggard, another member of Students for Change, believed that equality was a core issue for the organization to address.

“Everybody deserves the same things. Nobody should be targeted, nobody should be murdered, like any of that based on their race, sexuality, gender or any of it,” said Haggard, a Crittenden native.

Haggard said she must use her white privilege to speak up for those without a voice.

“I have white privilege as we all do and it's just about recognizing that and using it for the better,” said Haggard. “Instead of starting shit, you use your voice, you spread awareness, you educate people. So, for me it’s just kind of like I know I have this privilege and I know how to use it, so I am going to use it because it’s needed.”

Haggard is majoring in sociology with a focus on social work and gender studies. This has influenced her reason for joining the organization.

“Not only is my major and everything focused around social situations and like social issues but it's something that needs to be talked about because it's not going away any time soon,” said Haggard.

The organization seeks to do more than address issues in the world.

“It is bigger than racism or sexual assault,” said Wilde. “It's about making Morehead State better.”