Halloween is a time where young people all over the world gear up for spooky and fun activities, but it can easily turn into a nightmare if precautions aren’t taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

It’s important to remember that Halloween can be dangerous if people do not take caution as they go about the holiday festivities.

Young children should never trick-or-treat without the supervision of a parent. If accompanying children to go trick-or-treating, it is imperative to check all candy for any foreign items. Dangerous items such as sharp objects, needles and even drugs have been found inside candy wrappers. Children should never enter a house unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If parents feel that trick-or-treating is too unsafe, they have option to participate in candy handouts that are hosted by local churches or schools.

For those driving through neighborhoods on Halloween, take care to drive slowly. As children will be walking and talking with friends, they are often oblivious to cars.

Trick-or-treat in areas that you are familiar with and can easily navigate at night. Bring a flashlight if you will be trick-or-treating well after dark.

As long as basic safety measures are taken, Halloween can be enjoyed by everyone.