The Arts and Eats Festival may be postponed again because of COVID-19.

Downtown Morehead Inc. announced they are planning to have a meeting soon to discuss whether the 2021 Arts and Eats Festival will occur this September. It was also announced at the March city council meeting that the fate of Hometown Holiday and Oktoberfest are unknown.

“Ultimately I don’t think it’ll be up to us. It’ll be up to how the virus is going,” said Tony Pence, executive director of Downtown Morehead Inc. “Hopefully we’ll have a string of good luck with all that and people will get vaccinated, and we’ll be able to do that again.”

Additionally, the city council unanimously voted to approve a municipal order to extend the temporary closure of Battson-Oates for dining purposes until June 30, 2021. 

They do not plan to vote on an item to close the street in the longer term until they have heard back about the approval of their Alcoholic Beverage License, which could change what is allowed in that area.

City council also voted unanimously to approve several ordinances, resolutions, and municipal orders.

Ordinances are rules or laws  established by an authority. Resolutions are a formal expression of the opinion or will of an official body, such as City Council, that is adopted by a vote. Municipal orders are rules adopted by a municipal corporation for the proper conduct of its affairs or the government of its inhabitants. 

The approved items are below:

  • The first reading of an ordinance updating the salary scale by increasing the minimum and maximum range of each scale by the 2021 COLA, which will replace the existing salary scale in its entirety. 
  • The second reading of an ordinance to reclassify all properties adjoining Clinic Drive from R-1 and R-3 zones to a B-2 Highway Business Zone.
  • The second reading of an ordinance to eliminate recreational fees for team sponsorships within youth athletics.  A separate section was added detailing sponsorships for the sporting activities. 
  • A resolution allowing the mayor, and Successors-in-Title, to establish selection criteria and request for qualifications, advertise the request for engineer / architect qualifications, appoint an engineer / architect selection committee and negotiate fees for engineering / architectural services in relation to the Entertainment Destination Center area as the City of Morehead’s Official Representative.  
  • A resolution stating that the Deed of Conveyance property, the current ambulance service center, will not go under the facilitation of the coroner and must be used as a Coroner’s Office or be reverted back to the hands of the City of Morehead. 
  • Three municipal orders updating the holiday pay personnel policy, the distracted driving personnel policy and the fraternization personnel policy respectively.
  • A municipal order updating the emergency leave police by continuing to offer two weeks / 10 days of paid COVID-19 leave to employees quarantined due to exposure or infection and authorizing the mayor to sign all relevant documents related to it.