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Women express their true shades

Makayla Holder | Staff| mkholder@moreheadstate.edu | Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019 6:31 pm

Women expressed their true shades at the Nude Fashion Show in honor of every woman’s natural beauty.

Seven women shared the Women’s Virtue (WV) red carpet at their Second Annual Nude Fashion Show Wednesday, March 27, while raising funds and feminine hygiene products for D.O.V.E.S and Hope Hill.

The organizers of the show said they started the event with the hope of making the Morehead State University campus a more united place centered around natural beauty, womanhood and diversity.

“You never know what someone is going through or what their background is so having that sisterhood can always be helpful. As women we know how to comfort and support each other,” said Abreona Walker, Women’s Virtue Event Coordinator.

Although technically not nude, the models wore different shades of beige to show the diversity of the term. 

 “It was started to show other people the different shades of nude. There aren’t just super dark shades of nude and super white shades of nude there are in between colors,” said Kiandra Jenkins, Women’s Virtue Community Service Committee Representative and co-host. 

For the future, Walker hopes that the show will grow to encompass a variety of different shades of nude. 

 “It is for young ladies to showcase themselves and have fun. That is why I didn’t do it as a contest. We are all queens,” said Walker.

Each model was crowned a Queen of WV and gained a standing ovation from friends and family.