The Morehead-Rowan County Airport is ready to spread its wings. 

Opened in 2007, the Morehead-Rowan County Airport is the second airport to be built in Rowan County. Since its founding, the airport has been the site for a 2020 movie named “The Big Ugly” and has been a hidden gem for the community.

“It was a very small little facility. Maybe all Morehead needed at the time, but we now have this,” said Tim James, a former NCIS agent and member of the airport board. 

The airport is around 300 acres and has a 5500-foot runway, 24 T-Hangars and a large aircraft Tie-Down area. Other features include an upholstery shop run out of the airport by Matt Oldham and a fueling station whose daily operations are overseen by musician and airplane enthusiast Scott Glover. A highly active Experimental Aircraft Association is also based out of the airport.  

“The EAA offers a lot of benefits to people. It works to create a family of pilots and those that are seeking to expand their knowledge of aviation and their career in aviation,” said James Taylor, a member of the EAA. 

The association hosts a breakfast the first Saturday of every month and invites community members of all ages to come out and learn more about the program and aviation. They also offer the Young Eagles program, which encourages and educates children about aviation and extends flight school scholarship to one student every year. 

“I think the program helps people to understand general aviation as well as the aviation path,” said Taylor. “It creates a family where they can associate with pilots who are active. Some are commercial pilots, some are recreational pilots. It allows you to get a lot of leadership and mentorship towards that goal, if that is what you are interested in.” 

The sky is the limit for the airport as they plan a project to construct a North Ramp in the coming years to attract corporate and larger aircraft. 

“We're trying to let people know that we are here and that we do have programs and stuff like that and it's a welcoming environment,” said Taylor. 

Individuals interested in the airport and their activities can call (606) 780-0085 for more information.