A Morehead charity drive has provided thousands of books to kids in need for over three decades.

The Morehead State Adult Learning Center has partnered with Rowan County Christmas for their 33rd Storybook Christmas Drive and has begun accepting book donations. The program has helped disadvantaged children in Rowan County have free access to new books to take home.

“It started in 1989, so we are in our 33rd year of providing books to disadvantaged children," said Opal Fannin, assistant director of the Adult Learning Center. “For me, reading is fundamental. Reading is one of the most important skills that anyone can have.”

Opal Fannin has worked alongside Rhonda Sloan, a coordinator with the Commonwealth Education Opportunities Center, have both worked to make this event possible for more than 15 years. Since the drive’s inception they have given away more than 14,000 total books to children in need.

“As a mother, and a grandmother, books have always been important to me because I think it helps kids with their imagination,” said Rhonda Sloan

Books can be donated by finding any of the designated drop boxes spread throughout Morehead as well as several throughout campus. Community locations include Giovanni’s Pizza, Coffeetree Books and churches throughout Rowan County.

“There are studies upon studies that show many homes do not have printed material, and once a year we are providing books to go into a home. It encourages the parents to read, and it encourages the kids to read,” said Opal Fannin.

Distribution Day for the drive will be held on Friday, December 10th at the Carl Perkins Center in Morehead.