• December 12, 2019

Alumni Tower evacuates for circuitry repair - The Trail Blazer: Life & Arts

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Alumni Tower evacuates for circuitry repair

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Posted: Monday, December 2, 2019 3:46 pm

Alumni Tower residents evacuated the building Monday morning due to an issue with the circuitry controlling their power in the basement.

The cause of the damage is still being investigated, according to Housing Director Alan Rucker, but is assumed to be due to the heavy rainfall in the area over the weekend. The building is expected to be closed until around 10 p.m..

“In order to keep residents in the building, things like fire systems have to be online, so it’s easier for us to relocate temporarily so we can shut the building down for power and have Facilities folks in the basement fixing everything, that way we can get this up and running as quickly as we can,” said Rucker.

Students will be staying in the Camden-Carroll Library, The Rock or ADUC to stay out of the weather until Facilities Management can fix the power. A plan for overnight has not been made public and will be announced if the need arises.

“There will be some emergency power issues for the next little bit of time while they’re repairing downstairs because they have to shut the power grid down,” said Rucker. “The power grid is shut down for Andrews and Eagle Lake. It’s on emergency power, full generator, but that’ll come back online at 10.”

Residents were allowed into the building to gather what they will need for the evening from 2:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. before fully evacuating. Students will be out of the building until they are notified that it is safe to return due to complications with the circuitry.

Rucker said the best way for students to stay informed will be to check their Morehead State emails and to keep up with the MSU Student Housing pages on Twitter and Facebook.