Mckenzie Johnson

A portrait of Mckenzie Johnson. Photo Contributed by Mckenzie Johnson.

COVID-19 has made attending college a health risk students have to consider during their college search.

Mckenzie Johnson, a Menifee County High School senior, has been questioning whether the dual credit classes she takes with Morehead State University will ever be counted towards a college degree. Already uncertain about her decision to attend college, she feels the pandemic may be the deciding factor. 

“Even though I’m a senior my college plans aren’t set in stone yet,” said Johnson. “Now that everything’s different because of COVID I’m either taking a year off or not going at all.”

Virtual learning has been one issue for Johnson.

“Even in [my] school, it’s been really different switching from in-person to online,” said Johnson. “I already feel like I’m not learning things how I need to learn them. College is going to be a whole another area that I have no experience with and I don’t want to go into it in the middle of COVID while everything is out of order.” 

The pandemic has presented new aspects to consider when thinking about college.

“Instead of just worrying about the cost [of college] and what major I’m gonna choose now I have to worry about getting infected too,” said Johnson. “I don’t know if I will learn as effectively with virtual college classes, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money if I’m not going to be learning as much.”  

Johnson hopes to see how the pandemic places out before making a decision.

“I’m just doing my classes and waiting to see how long this virtual and social distancing lasts,” said Johnson. “I don’t want to apply to colleges and then decide not to go. I also don’t want to start my first year of college in the middle of such a weird time.”