City Counsel Meeting
City Council Meeting at Peggy's Place 10/12/20. CREDIT MOREHEAD, KY CITY GOVERNMENT FACEBOOK PAGE

The Morehead City Council and Rowan County Fiscal Court meetings will be livestreaming for the foreseeable future. 

The city council and the fiscal court are set to resume hosting the monthly meetings in-person starting April, but plan to continue livestreaming the meetings indefinitely. 

“When I ran for office, I wanted to be as transparent a judge as there ever has been,” said county Judge-Executive Harry Clark. “We’re going to continue to livestream the meetings to allow people to take part in it. A lot of people they work during that time frame so they can come in in the evening and flick it on. They can watch the whole meeting and to be informed of what’s going on in the county. That’s what we want.”

The meeting locations will be open to the public should they wish to attend in-person; however they are encouraged to view the meeting online through the Facebook livestream.

Some city council in-person meetings that have been livestream have had some technical difficulties. There have been a couple meeting where the audience was unable to hear.

Mayor Laura White-Brown chalks this up to technology hiccups.

“We’ve had meetings in multiple places since covid has started,” said White-Brown. “While some of the meeting locations were great for social distancing, they were not great for audio. That’s something you just don’t know until you get in there. 

City council has since invested in audio equipment and are continuing to test to reduce audio issues in future.

Fiscal court hopes to update its equipment within the next couple of months.

Since the meetings are in-person, both groups stated that should a major technical issue occur during the meetings that is unable to be fixed quickly, they will continue on with the meeting. 

Fiscal court will be meeting at the Rowan County Court House every third Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. They have room for 2-3 audience members plus a few individuals who wish to give comments. You can stream their meeting at

City council’s location is subject to change from meeting to meeting. They will normally meet in the city hall conference room every second Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. They are operating at 60% capacity. You can stream their meeting at