Pumpkin glows filled Morehead’s city park for a second annual Halloween event.

Morehead’s Park and Recreation Director Matt Hamilton hosted the second drive-thru pumpkin patch on Saturday, October 23, across the city park for kids, family and friends to come out and enjoy for this year’s Halloween season.

Once the pumpkins were lit, spectators drove through the city park and enjoyed the community’s jack-o-lantern creations to revel in the Halloween spirit, even amidst the pandemic.

“Everything will be lit when you come into the park,” said Hamilton. “It’s just a good safe—COVID-friendly if you will—event that you can host and you know we’ve learned that even the COVID friendly events are something you can hang onto and do annually.”

As a Morehead resident, Hamilton found The Pumpkin Glow to be a tradition that he could continue to share with his community.

“This year, we’ve added a scarecrow competition. It’s already been voted on and all those things,” said Hamilton. “We’re hoping that they grow every year so we’re gonna continue to do this annually.”

This year Hamilton and the park partnered up with MSU’s Craft Academy students and had them bring in pumpkins to help make the event extra special with a college hometown feel. Hamilton hopes that next year, the fraternities and sororities will take it upon themselves to have a friendly competition.

“We’d like to thank the Craft Academy,” said Hamilton. “They dropped off a lot of pumpkins for us today. The more the merrier”

Hamilton and the city park spent the week prior planning and preparing things along with the scarecrow competition with a shared goal of creating a safe, fun event for the community.

“Working with the people that work here are all really good people, so it’s not like you’re getting up, coming to work every day. It’s a labor of love.”