National Rural Education Association

A National Rural Education Association graphic. Taken from their website.

The Morehead State College of Education is improving the quality of rural education by partnering with two organizations.

The National Rural Education Association and the Rural Schools Collaborative are creating a new Appalachian hub in Morehead. The impact of the hub will begin with the College of Education and move outward as they progress.

“The initial impact is that I’d like to circle our college in particular, the college of education, Volgeneau College, back to more fully embracing our historical mission to serve this region,” said Antony Norman, Dean of the College of Education. “I certainly understand the desire and need for us to strategically move out from our region to some of the areas around us.”

The hub will provide the opportunity for rural schools to grow and better assist their students.

“In some ways our inner cities, many of them are in crises or are having a difficult time,” said Norman. “They’re dealing with prejudice or all the things that are going on right now. Well, we don’t think about that rural districts are dealing with the same things. They have a lot of kids who have subsistent needs. They’re in poverty.”

The partnership will work towards MSU’s goal of being the light to the mountains, to help education students return to their own small communities instead of choosing urban areas.

“As I think about it, I want the heart of our mission to remain the heart of our mission which is rural education, the communities that we serve right here in Appalachia, Eastern Kentucky,” said Norman.