Megan Boone Mugshot

Megan Boone, director of MSU Career Services. Photo from

As required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Morehead State University will move to implement the Quality Enhancement Plan, as voted by the faculty last year.

This QEP will be based on giving students real, hands-on experiences through internships, fellowships, study abroad and service learning. Students from all majors will ideally be given these chances when the plan is fully implemented.

“The reason I got involved with it is when I looked at those survey results, experience and real-life careers was rated the highest,” said Megan Boone, a director of the QEP team at MSU. “Also, in the top three was job attainment skills. Areas that all these constituents thought that our campus could improve.”

Boone has been involved with the QEP for over a year and hopes to help students gain experience that will make them stand out after graduation.

MSU’s last QEP helped to improve first year seminar classes by teaching critical thinking skills to give students a better head-start into their education. This QEP focuses on helping students learn more career skills to give them high impact experiences.

“The focus of this QEP, and it’s called Level Up: Experience Your Future, is to build courses,” said Boone. “The idea being that the faculty will build their courses such that they will embed one of those high impact experiences within their classes.”

Connor Tilford, a Student Government Association member of the team, gave a students’ perspective of what should be implemented.

“So overall the QEP I think is going to benefit students long-term by setting them apart in the career world once we are out of college,” he said.

This QEP begins its trial phase in the Spring semester and will be slowly applied throughout the next five years. Boone’s hope with the QEP is to spread out hands-on-experiences to all majors across campus.

“We have majors here that don’t have any internships, any hands-on experience, built in,” said Boone. “So, we’re trying to make sure that every student and every major here can focus and get hands-on experience through one of these high impact experiences and also get career skills.”