Alzheimer’s awareness trotted through Morehead.

St. Claire HealthCare and Morehead State University’s nursing program hosted the eleventh annual Turkey Trot 5k to raise funds for the Alzheimer and dementia care fund and inform the public about available support groups for those who have loved ones with the disease.

“This event especially helps the caregivers,” said Megan Littleon, first-time director for the Turkey Trot. “The funds go to giving money for gas, time off and anything they could need.” 

The trot traveled started at the Morehead Conference Center and went through various parts of downtown Morehead and MSU’s campus. 

Over 400 competitive and non-competitive runners alike came to the event to test their limits and show their support for the cause. With their registration, participants were also able to attend a health fair and informational session on the disease.

“I’ve been running for a while and I enjoy every 5k I go to cause it ends up being for a great cause and this is no different,” said Steven Mosley, one of the 400 runners at the event.

Those who have experienced the impact of Alzheimer’s participated in the run-in dedication of their loved ones.

“I had a grandmother who had it and a friend who had it and I am lucky that I haven’t had to deal with it myself,” said Kevin Donehue. 

Donehue said he had his own health complications years ago and was thankful to have survived. He wanted to support others who are struggling. 

“It’s good to just give back to the community after being a miracle myself,” he said. 

The awards ceremony named Ethan Johnson the winner with a total elapsed time of 16:39 with an overall pace of 5:22 per mile.

St. Claire HealthCare and Morehead State University's nursing program hosted the 11th annual Turkey Trot 5k to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's and dementia.