City Council

Screenshot of special Morehead City Council Meeting on Monday October 19, 2020.

Real and personal property tax rates were set by Morehead’s City Council. 

The city council voted for a second reading of an ordinance that set the real property tax rate at 34.0 cents per $100 of assessed value, the personal property tax rate 56.47 cents per $100 of assessed value and the tax payment dates during a special meeting on Monday, October 19. 

The first reading of a previous ordinance set the real property rate at 31.8 cents per $100 of assessed value and the personal property rate at 52.25 cents per $100 of assessed value. The council voted against these rates citing a need for funds to offer completive pay to public work employees and city police officers.

Councilmembers Glen Teager and Melisa Patrick approved the first reading of the previous ordnance, but were no-votes the second time around and cited the trying times of living in a damaged economy due to the pandemic.

The only changes made to the payment of taxes were the dates.

“All taxes paid prior to December 1, 2020, shall be discounted at the rate of two percent (2%) of the tax bill; that all taxes paid on or after December 1, 2020 and prior to January 1, [2019] 2020 shall bear the net amount of the tax bill; and that all taxes not paid before January 1, [2020] 2021 shall bear a penalty of eight percent (8%) per annum,” said Mayor Laura White-Brown written in the real and personal tax ordinance. 

The city council also voted to set all fees for the usage and services in relation to recreational leagues and services. 

Changes included an increase in the facility rent of Peggie’s Place at Park Place to $100 per day and setting the rates for outdoor basketball league tournaments, travel basketball league, and basketball clinic fees.

The last item of business was accepting a $91,145.17 bid for the purchase and installation of low voltage alarms, door locks and CCTV at the new City of Morehead Police/911 Department.

Both decisions were unanimous.