The Halloween Showtime performance was a trick and a treat on Saturday night.

The show was held at the Duncan Recital Hall and included different Halloween songs from various plays and movies, where Morehead State performers did choreographed dance numbers and sang while a four-man band played the music.

The show was inspired by MSU music professor Eric Brown’s love for Halloween. 

“Everyone came together to help make this dream of mine come to fruition,” said Brown. “It’s a celebration of Halloween and the horror movies and art that I and many of you in the crowd came up with.” 

Brown said that he was raised in a very religious household, so as a child he never got to celebrate Halloween. His love for the scary season was discovered later in life. This show was something of a creative outlet for Brown, and it allowed him and the members of the ensemble to display their love of Halloween and the performing arts.

“The idea for the show came to me while I was in the car,” said Brown. “I’ve been listening to Halloween musicals since July, if that tells you how much I love the season, and it came upon me that we should do a show to celebrate the music that we love.”

Performances included 80s classics like “Beetlejuice” and “Carrie” as well as older dramas that included “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

“We only had one rehearsal and a week to learn all the songs, so I’d say it went very well,” said Jaxson Ratliff, the bassist for the band. “They all did so great, and it was my first time being a part of something like this, so I’m just proud everything went so smoothly.”

The Halloween Showtime was a show full of nostalgia for the great horrors of Halloween.