The Venue is continuing to offer socially distanced concerts, despite the changes the pandemic has made.

A capacity limit, distanced tables and contact tracing help to keep visitors at the venue safe and owners Damon Ballinger and Hannah Hansford have been working toward a safe but fun experience since opening in September.

“Whenever you walk in the front door, we do temp checks, ID scanner on the back of your driver’s license and or passport, just for tracing purposes that way we get all of the names from the driver’s licenses emailed to us every night and if something happens, we know who was here,” said Hansford.

Musicians at The Venue have included Kristofer Bentley, Bedford Band, Robert Eskridge and Jarrod Stratton. Reservations are made before the shows to ensure social distancing from the moment visitors walk in the door.

“If we’re a sold-out show, we have reservations on the tables, so you know where you’re sitting. I’ve already got you at a table, so that’s where you pretty much hope to stay. We Lysol from chair up, table legs all the way down, so what you see all gets Lysoled,” said Hansford.

Despite the restrictions, The Venue has sold out for three Saturdays with their capacity of 60.

“We call them Covid sellouts because we meet our maximum state level capacity,” said Ballinger. “When we’re able to open up fully we’ll have 130 people in here, then we’re working on a patio out back should be open by mid-spring and it’ll house another 60 at least.”

Tickets can be bought to upcoming concerts at