Wicked Peace

Wicked Peace at London Dragway, in London, Kentucky. Photo by Gabe Osborne.

Bedford Band and Wicked Peace both picked up awards for their respective musical styles at the 6thAnnual Lexington Music Awards.

Wicked Peace and Bedford Band feature Morehead State University students and Alumni and were formed in Morehead, Ky. 

“Morehead is where we first recorded music, made our first music videos and played some our earliest shows,” said Tanner Blevins from Wicked Peace. 

The process to win a LEXI is unlike any other award, the nominations are submitted by the public to a panel of judges and the judges are tasked to narrow down the nominations to a select few, leaving those nominated to select a winner among themselves. 

“It was very validating to be rewarded by our peers as Best Pop Band because all of our musical peers in Lexington are out there grinding and making music and they know the work that goes into it,” said Blevins. “We were very surprised and excited that those peers are recognizing and appreciating what we are doing.

Bedford Band also was selected by their peers for a LEXI for Best Rock Band going up against Rags and Riches, Cody Morgan and Ivy Rye.