Morehead State alumni Andrew Brown has captivated audiences around Kentucky with his utilitarian music.

Brown is a graduate from MSU’s Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, where he studied under Raymond and Ruth McLain. Brown said the KCTM changed his music style and his life.

“It’s like a nursery. You come in like a little kid. I was definitely prideful and proud of nothing and it was great. It changed my life forever,” said Brown.

Brown began at the KCTM with little knowledge of his musical talent. As a graduate from Berea College, he was able to spend all his time in classes where he could focus on his music without the need for classes on MSU’s main campus.

“I was able to work on my art all day with no other classes and no other distractions. That was a rare gift to me, I felt,” he said.

When it comes to music, Brown described his art as “utilitarian.” Growing up with a father who was a touring musician and a mother who was an artist, Brown always had a love for the arts and a chance to progress from an early age.

Brown’s interest in playing music began at age eight, when he was given his first guitar. His professional career began 13 years later, when at age 21, he received his first bass.

Brown is a freelance bassist, but also plays six other instruments for various bands. He is currently the bassist for Nick Jamerson, best known as the ex-vocalist and guitarist of the band Sundy Best.

Louise Cooper from the KCTM said Brown’s talent has improved greatly since he came to MSU as a freshman.

“It’s really been a wonderful thing to watch and listen to,” said Cooper.

Brown agreed that his music had improved an overwhelming amount in the two years he spent in Morehead.

Brown’s latest accomplishment was performing at the Mountain Stage alongside Jamerson.

“I compete with the best of them, for sure,” Brown said. “I think that’s what MSU gave me.”

Brown’s music and tour schedule can be found on, along with musical lessons in a streaming service.