The death of a Morehead State professor emeritus prompted an emotional remembrance of his decades-old legacy. 

George M. Luckey Jr. was a professor for 42 years, and during his last 13 years he was the director of the university’s honors program. Throughout his life and service, he impacted many students, faculty and academic communities. He died Tuesday, September 15. He was 85.

“Dr. Luckey provided visionary and devoted leadership for the honors program for many years, and continued to offer support and encouragement after he retired,” said Philip Krummrich, director of the honors program. 

Luckey was not only on the MSU philosophy faculty, he was also involved in university committees, an advisor for many university organizations, including the Phi MU Alpha Sinfonia. He lead workshops for educators in over 20 states and was a featured speaker from national to international levels. 

Most notably,  the MSU’s honors program was named for him in 2003.

 “It is fitting that the program bears his name,” said Krummrich.

Luckey’s dedication and mentorship within the program inspired students amidst his experience as director and continued throughout his retirement. 

“We will always remember the incredible impact Dr. Luckey has had on MSU and the honors program,” said Gabe O’Hara, student president of the honors program. “He re-envisioned this program and helped create a community of diverse, curious students.” 

In memory of Luckey, O’Hara led an initiative with other honors students to decorate the commemorative Honors Gate in front of Fields Hall with a wreath and black drapery. 

“We hope this small display helps us to reflect on Dr. Luckey’s life and all that he has given to Morehead State and this region,” said O’Hara.