Morehead State’s Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble kept their founder at heart in their latest showcase.

Octubafest, an annual show held by Morehead State’s Tuba and Euphonium, held its 2021 concert Saturday at the entertainment district at the corner of Main St and Batson-Oats Drive. The event commemorated the death of their founder, Dr. Earle Louder.

“I have had the great honor and privilege to carry on Dr. Louder’s legacy here at MSU over the past 26 years,” said Dr Stacy Baker, an MSU professor of music and director of the ensemble, in an MSU news release.

Baker took over the ensemble for Louder and continued his yearly concerts ever since her employment in 1996. Starting in 2003, fall concerts began to include Oktoberfest-style performances of polkas, waltzes and marches. 

She said she was inspired to present a traditional Octoberfest theme for the MSU’s Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble fall concerts by her tours in Austria with her professional quartet, JUNCTION in 2003. 

Since then, Baker has played music with MSU’s ensemble to bring the community together.

“Octubafest is an event that brings our Morehead community together to enjoy a perfect fall evening with friends and family,” said Baker.  

This year, with the death of Dr. Earle Louder, Baker wanted to celebrate his legacy and showcase the lasting impact he’s had on the program. 

“Dr. Louder was an inspiration to so many of us as a consummate musician, mentor, colleague, and friend,” said Baker. “Personally, I have worked to serve as a good steward of what he passed on to me at MSU. His spirit remains with us as he is forever in our hearts."