November Fiscal Court

Rowan County Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 in Morehead, KY. Photo by Kelton Crank | The Trail Blazer

Covid-19 was a major talking point at the November’s fiscal court meeting.

Since early March, Rowan county has experienced a total of 661 Covid-19 cases, with 509 fully recovered and 2 deaths. 

As of Tuesday, November 17, Rowan county has 150 active Covid-19 cases, with 9 of those cases receiving care at St. Claire’s Regional Medical Center. St. Claire’s currently has two ventilators occupied due to Covid-19 related complications. 

Judge-Executive Harry Clark stated that the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases is believed to be caused by an increase in  gatherings and urged the public to continue abiding by the current rules and restrictions. 

“These are our friends, neighbors and colleagues being affected by Covid-19, so we certainly want to continue with all the precautions we could possibly take,” said Clark. 

Jim Hampton, Rowan county emergency management director, stated that the county has begun drafting a plan for dispensing the Covid-19 vaccine.

MSU professors Dr. Scott Davison and Dr. Julia Finch appeared at November’s meeting to discuss future plans regarding the Kentucky Folk Art Center. 

The Kentucky Folk Art Center has been operating understaffed and has relied on the county and city to supply adequate funding for day-to-day operations the roughly $100,000 they received annually from the state prior to then-governor Matt Bevin’s budget cuts

Davison and Finch hope to bring the Kentucky Folk Art Center to a greater operating capacity by integrating MSU art classes within the center and by adding more staff. The center received $5,000 from Rowan county to finish the fiscal year, and MSU pledged $50,000 to help fund part-time salaries. 

Other topics included:

  • In an effort to better locate lost and injured hikers, Rowan county was approved by the U.S. Forest Service to begin constructing mile markers on each hiking trail in the county.
  • Rowan county EMS director Danny Blevins said there has been an increase in COVID-19 related 911 calls but maintains that EMS services are able to keep up with the demand for PPE.
  • Due to the success of the Halloween decorating contest, Judge Executive Harry Clark said a Christmas decorating contest is in the works. A cash prize is anticipated.
  • Rowan County was awarded a Recreational Trails Program grant of $250,000 to connect a trail from the city park to the Newtowne shopping square.