Abbey Akers

Portrait of Abbey Akers. Photo submitted by Abbey Akers

Abbey Akers opened two new businesses while working at a part-time job and attending college.

She first decided to start her business, Sew Lovely Boutique, around the time that in-person classes at Morehead State were converted to online classes March. She started her jewelry store, Abbey’s Jewelry, before the Fall semester started.

“It was a spur of the moment thing. I’ve always wanted to own my own store and just produce my own products,” said Akers, a marketing major. “It’s really fun because I get to make my own products and I get to be in control of what I put out to customers.”

Along with her two businesses Akers also began to work at Roll Over Rolled Ice Cream on May 25.

“It was a secure job that I could have throughout school and if my boutique and my jewelry didn’t work out,” said the Grayson native. “I’m also familiar with the bosses and I wanted to be able to work for them to grow our relationship.”

Although Akers may have difficulty balancing her businesses, work and schoolwork, she tries to make it work.

“Whenever I’m off I try to mainly focus on schoolwork, and then in my down time I’m always looking on Esty to look at different charms and resin molds that I can get for jewelry,” said Akers. “I get emails from different wholesale vendors for my boutique all the time.”

Akers is continuing to learn how to balance all aspects of her life, which is even harder now through the pandemic.

“It’s difficult sometimes,” said Akers. “It’s just all about balance.”