Two students are breaking out of their shells to bring important issues to light through a new talk show. 

Liv Walker and Shelby Sturgill formulated plans for their MSUTV show series, Kind Humans, last semester at the request of their instructor, Tim Creekmore. The previously hesitant pair jumped on the idea shortly after to discuss topics relating to feminism and race with fellow students. 

“We want to talk about the problems that are going on in the world and that includes the ones that are going on inside our heads or just the ones that are physically harming people in our world,” said Sturgill, a senior convergent media major. 

Walker and Sturgill have both spent the majority of their time in TV production behind the scenes, making this opportunity their first time officially stepping in front of the camera. 

“I couldn’t stay behind the scenes the entire time because there were certain things that I couldn’t control,” said Sturgill, a Louisville, Ky native. “In order to make sure that I didn’t become obsessed over it, I knew I should put my feet in the shoes of a host.” 

Walker said that she never expected to already produce, direct and host her own show in college. 

“I never thought I would be doing this especially in college, because in most places you don’t even get behind the camera until your junior year,” said Walker, a convergent media major. “But here I am, in my junior year, producing and hosting--and directing--a whole show.”

The duo has since realized the experience will be monumental in their steps towards entering a production career. Walker said that it’s inspired her to continue challenging herself.

“Working my way up the ladder made me realize that that’s what I wanted to do – to keep climbing the ladder. And this was the just next step in my plan,” said Walker, a Jackson, Ohio native. 

Creekmore, the show’s executive producer, said he’s been pleased with the work they’ve produced and how they’ve broken out of their shells to rise to the occasion of producing their own show.

“They both take excellent direction,” said Creekmore. “They have their eye on the prize and they’re working on a great portfolio to help them market themselves someday when they get out of here.”

Walker and Sturgill will exchange hosting positions for Kind Humans every other week. Episodes air every Friday on MSUTV's YouTube, MSUTV77, and on their site